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On March 24, the nation will #MarchForOurLives. Then, we turn outrage into action.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, students all over the United States are rising up to say #NeverAgain. From the March For Our Lives to national walkouts, students are leading the way in the movement to demand that Congress stand up to the gun lobby and protect their constituents’ lives.

This is an incredibly important issue that affects us all. Indivisible marches in solidarity with the students, and follows their lead in this movement.

But it is unacceptable that our elected officials aren’t doing more to stop gun violence like the Parkland shooting. Like so many other issues, policymakers need to feel the pressure in order to take action. At the federal, state and local level, Indivisibles can have an impact in preventing gun violence. Here’s what you can do.

This recess we fight to

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From how to hold a constituent town hall, how to shoot video to advance your cause, and how to be heard this recess, we've got a training for that.

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Hold your members of Congress accountable on the Tax Scam

Republicans are running scared from their “marquee legislative achievement.” And, as we saw in the special election in PA-18, the scam is a losing strategy. Tell your members of Congress how you feel about their vote for the Tax Scam. Republicans need to know that it won’t save them this November, and Democrats need to know that you expect them to repeal it when we retake power.

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Stop the NRA's Top Priorities

The student-led #NeverAgain movement, among others, has demanded that politicians buck the NRA and stop hiding behind “thoughts and prayers.” Republican MoCs are unlikely to take proactive steps to stem the tide of gun violence, but we can demand that they stop rubber-stamping the NRA’s Congressional agenda. The Senate will likely take two votes this year that would be gifts to the NRA and we can fight them right now.

Prevent Congress from Deregulating Wall Street

The Senate voted 67-31 to roll back many of the protections in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that Congress passed in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown. 17 Democrats joined 50 Senate Republicans in voting for the deceivingly-titled “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155).” But this fight isn't over.

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Protect Net Neutrality

Momentum is building for net neutrality in Congress, but we’re still a long way away from winning. Over 150 House Democrats have signed on to Congressman Mike Doyle’s resolution, but even if every Democrat signs on we’ll still need at least 24 Republicans to join them for the resolution to advance in the House. Tell your MoC that you expect them to protect the free and open internet by supporting the net neutrality CRA now.

Keep Haspel and Pompeo 
out of Trump's Cabinet

Gina Haspel personally helped torture detainees in a secret CIA-run prison in Thailand during the Bush administration. She oversaw brutal treatment of detainees, and then made sure the video evidence was destroyed. As for Mike Pompeo, Trump brags that they're very similar. We are all less safe if Pompeo and Haspel are confirmed. Tell your senators to reject them now.

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The Congressional Recess is March 24-April 9. Everywhere.

This recess, we fight to

Town Halls

This recess, we fight to

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make our voices heard.

Tell us what you're fighting for this recess by taking a photo or recording a video and tagging us on Twitter @IndivisibleTeam to show the world why you're showing up this spring to hold your members of Congress accountable. Or, just click the button, fill in the blank, and we'll amplify you.

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From district office visits to marches and rallies, we want to know where you're showing up this congressional recess. Register your event or find one near you today. Or, check to see if your member of Congress has the guts to have a town hall and come prepared to ask the hard questions!

stop the NRA.

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hold our members of Congress accountable.

Remember, your members of Congress work for you. And given the bad votes they’ve taken recently—and what’s ahead on the Congressional agenda—they need to hear from you when they’re back home over recess. Both the House and Senate will be off from March 24—April 9, which means you have another opportunity to hold your MoC accountable and build momentum going into election season.

You should always make sure to discuss with your MoCs the things that matter most to you. (For example, you might be worried that Trump will soon fire Special Counsel Mueller. We are too, and we're ready to respond if he does that. Click here for our resource on protecting Mueller.) We’re suggesting these issues because we think this is where your groups can have the most impact on the things Congress is working on right now—and there’s a lot going on. We’ve included sample town hall questions to help you pressure your MoCs. Use them at district office visits, public events, or anywhere you run into your elected officials.

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Press Releases, Media Advisories, and More

Press releases, media advisories, and statements are formal communication tools that your group can use to get its messages out to media. Think of them as the type of communication you have with reporters that goes out on your organization’s nice letterhead stationery. In this training, we cover how to craft press releases, media advisories, statements, available for comment emails, using social media to communicate with press, and more.

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Tips from Journalists: How to Build Great Connections with Media

As your Indivisible group sends down roots and becomes an institution in your community, it's worth putting some time into developing strong long-term relationships with the media in your area. Building relationships with reporters takes time and work, but the benefits are huge. It helps you build your power to shape the narrative about your member of Congress (MoC.) It helps you make sure that the news coverage in your area reflects how constituents are really thinking about an issue.

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This tax day, we hold them accountable.

Save the Date: April 15th

In cities across the country, regular Americans are fighting back against the GOP Tax Scam. Following the passage of the historically unpopular TrumpTax that benefits millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations at the expense of working families, this tour will hold Members of Congress accountable for their votes and culminate in a national day of action on April 15, 2018, the one-year anniversary of the Tax March. RSVP now to an event near you or register your own.

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