October Recess

It's time for your activism. On your home turf. 

Get prepared, get the resources, hit the streets (and town halls), hold your members of Congress accountable. And take back our democracy.

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Count me in.

This October, we hit the streets 
to do more than just trick-or-treat.

We know it often seems like Congress spends more time “in recess” than it does working on legislation. But let’s be honest, given the Republican priorities—taking healthcare away from 32 million Americans, passing massive tax cuts for rich people and corporations—maybe keeping Members of Congress outside of DC is not a bad thing. Plus it’s the best time for you, their constituents, to talk to them face-to-face, if they’re not hiding from you.

The Senate goes on recess first from Oct. 9-13, followed the following week by the House from Oct. 16-20. Remember, this is your time and when you have the most power. Exercise it.

The priorities: know them, use them, win.

Have you found your Indivisible group yet?

The best way to take action on your home turf is by reading the Indivisible Guide and joining your local group.

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We think you'll love these.

Here are some of our favorite resources to help you take action holding your members of Congress accountable on your home turf.

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How to Write Letters to the Editor that Get Attention

Letters to the editor might not seem like the flashiest way to get your Member of Congress’s attention. But there’s something about a sharp letter to the editor in a hometown paper that can really get under the skin of the most powerful lawmaker.

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Show Up

How to Form Local Partnerships (Part One)

Partnerships can be useful for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you need policy support or data/graphics for some work you’re doing, and another group has the experts who can help you. Maybe you’re having a rally and you want to be sure that lots of people will show up. Maybe you are conscious of the demographics of your own group, and you want to work on issues where other people’s voices should be front and center. Long term partnerships require building trust.

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First step: find an event.

Defeat Trump's Tax Scam

Trump's plan isn’t “tax reform.” It’s tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of our communities.

Defend DREAMers

An attack on one is an attack on all. We must speak out and stand up for immigrants in our communities.

Stop Nuclear War

From his warmongering tweets to his white supremacist policies, Trump poses a risk to us all.

Reauthorize CHIP Funding

The Children’s Health Insurance Program ensures nearly 9 million children have health insurance.

Stop Gun Violence

Your Members of Congress' thoughts and prayers are not enough. It is time for Congress to act to stop gun violence.

Emergency Relief After Maria

Turn your compassion into action. Demand an emergency relief package for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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